Abishekam Powder / Abhisheka Powder or Thirumanjanam Powder. This abhishekam powder is made of 36 Herbs. Abhisheka is one of the shodasa upacharas, conducted to deities ( cleanse) with Mantras . While performing Abhishekam various items like milk, curd etc are used, One among them is Abhisheka Powder mixed with Holy Water and seasame oil is applied on Idols and Holy Water is poured. Generally by doing Abhisheka with Abhisheka powder gets one Sri Lakshmi ‘s grace or Lakshmi Kataksham

Abhishekam with the following is considered fruitful.
Milk Abhishekam gives long life
Ghee Abhishekam gives Moksha state
Curd Abhishekam gives good children
Honey Abhishekam gives melodious voice
Rice powder Abhishekam frees from debts
Sugar cane juice Abhishekam gives good health
Panjamrutham Abhishekam gives wealth
Lemon Abhishekam removes fear of death
Sugar Abhishekam removes enmity
Tender coconut Abhishekam gives enjoyment
Cooked Rice(Annam)Abhishekam gives majestic life
Sandal Abhishekam gives Lakshmi’s grace

Abhishekam, ritual is routinely performed in some Hindu and Jain temples. “Rudra abhisheka” rudra pooja (Abhisheka of Rudra) is performed on Shiva lingams. Lord Shiva is also called as Abhishekam Priyar & Lord Vishnu is called as Alankara Pririyar.




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