About us

Hinduism is one of the world’s oldest religion. It is a culture, a way of life and code of behavior, and it reflects in each religion of India. Indian temples are undoubtedly the wealth of ancient India which shows cultural value and eternal faith.

Hindu devotional is a community about heritage temples and mythological asset of India. There are various deity worshiped by people. And there are ancient creations as well as newly built artistic temples for all these Gods and Goddess. As there are many gods so as beliefs with them. These deities are linked to universal and natural processes which are a result of an endless cycle of birth, death, rebirth, karma, incarnation, reincarnation. It took centuries to build this heritage and Sanatan Dharma philosophy. Some people do believe deeply and some are not. Everyone has their own way to accept it and argue for the same. In spite of the difference of opinion, Indian temples are having their own heritage value. The site will introduce to all these various temples and Gods, their divinity will surely attract you. Temples structures also have region effects, you will find a significant change in structures from the different part of India. We are starting from South Indian temples and will cover all other parts gradually.

The spiritual is one common way that is accepted by most of the people all around. And, spirituality depends on individuality. The spiritual walk is differing person to person. Some relate it with mythological whereas some with experience of life and so forth.

We are trying to promote awareness of the ‘Hindu way of life’ within ourselves and our neighbours with this small step.

Gratitude & Regards