• USED AS TILAK FOR ITS SPIRITUAL POWER – Vibhuti mangal is a favorite item of Lord Shiva. He always smears his body with the holy ash as it is the purest thing in this universe. Bhasma or Udi gives spiritual power and glory to one who applies it
  • POSITIVE ENERGY – Vibhuti gets charged with positive energy and should be taken with the right hand and applied on the forehead as three horizontal lines
  • USED IN HINDU SHIVA KASHI GOD POOJA – It is a common practice in Hindu culture to wear a Vibhuti tilaka on the forehead with a red sindoor tilaka during Puja. Vibhuti is the representation of Shiva while the red sindoor denotes Shakti
  • HOW TO USE – Vibhuti should be taken between thumb and ring finger and applied between the eyebrows, known as the agna chakra, at the pit of the throat known as the vishuddhi chakra, and in the center of the chest where the ribcage meets, known as the anahata chakra
  • 100% PURE and NATURAL 


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