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padding-right: 10px; margin-right: 1%; } font-weight: bold; } Ask what they do, what their day/week looks like, what your first year would look like as a new hire, what your career path would be. .cd-accordion-menu label::before, 43 Remote Attorney jobs available in Los Angeles, CA on Book Online in 1-Click and get your appointment confirmed instantly! /* EDITS THE VERTICAL MENU ENDS */ margin: 0 auto; font-size: 1.9rem; padding: 25px; .cd-accordion-menu ul label, } .cd-accordion-menu ul ul label::before { position: relative; .cd-accordion-menu ul a::after { The primary entry date for new hires is June/July. .cd-accordion-menu2 ul label, padding-top: 128px; } .cd-accordion-menu2 ul ul label::before { /*UNIQUE CTA NAV BAR CODE BEGINS*/ transition: transform 0.3s; ... checking, action words, and format assistance—all on a 24/7 basis. top: 0; .cd-accordion-menu2 ul ul a { .no-touch .cd-accordion-menu2 label:hover, background-position: 0 0; width: 100%; /* SPECIFIES NAVIGATION, BANNERS, AND FOOTERS ON DISPLAYS UNDER 769PX BEGINS*/ } /* arrow icon */ California State University Los Angeles STEP Program :June 2013 - August 2013; Worked in team to facilitate a class of college bound engineering students. left: 10%; top: 50%; display: block; /* TELLS THE CODE NOT TO USE MOBILE NAVIGATION ON DISPLAYS OVER 768PX (ENDS) */ position: static !important; } #navigation, left: 24px; .region-navigation { But, you should do enough footwork to be knowledgeable about what you want. margin-right: 0% !important; color: #000000; /* TOP NAVIGATION BEGINS */ } /* SPECIFIES NAVIGATION, BANNERS, AND FOOTERS ON DISPLAYS UNDER 768PX BEGINS*/ padding-left: 15px; Skills required, hours, compensation as your career progresses, travel, what they love about it, and what they dislike. top: 24% !important; .block { } Collaborated with professor to monitor student's progress. .cd-accordion-menu ul label, margin-top: -1px !important; position: absolute; } padding: 0 2%; list-style: none !important; } border-right: 1px dotted #908e8e !important; display: block; padding-right: 0px; list-style: none !important; margin: auto; And the worst that can happen is they say “thank you very much”, and you move on to the next target. width: 80%; #banner-wrapper #banner { Most people feel threatened when they are asked to give a job interview, because they feel they have an obligation to hire you. padding-left: 24px; transform: translateY(-50%) rotate(-90deg); background-color: #4a4f55; #accolades { max-width: 100%; height: 35px; /* BUTTON CODE ENDS */ .cd-accordion-menu label { width: 90%; display: block; /* HOMEPAGE CONTENT ENDS */ .cd-accordion-menu>li:last-of-type>a, } -moz-transform: translateY(-50%); left: 36px; -ms-transform: translateY(-50%); /* image icon */ Most firms have jobs listed on websites. background: #3c3f45; .cd-accordion-menu.animated label::before { background-repeat: no-repeat; #parallax-1-quote-background { height: 100%; position: static !important; .cd-accordion-menu2 input[type=checkbox]:checked+label+ul, /* CALL TO ACTION CODE BEGINS */ .cd-accordion-menu ul ul ul a { text-align: center; margin-left: 5% !important; } /* image icon */ .cd-accordion-menu2 a::after { ]]>*/, 5151 State University Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90032 (323) 343-3000© 2021 Trustees of the California State University, © 2021 Trustees of the California State University, Center for Effective Teaching and Learning. display: none !important; user-select: none; /* EDITS THE VERTICAL MENU BEGINS */ .cta-column-2 { } /* HOMEPAGE CONTENT ENDS */ position: relative; border-right: 1px dotted #908e8e !important; .cd-accordion-menu ul ul label::after, display: none; left: 41px; .cd-accordion-menu ul ul ul label, @media (max-width: 768px) { -moz-transition: -moz-transform 0.3s; } position: relative; .cd-accordion-menu ul ul ul a::after { display: block; width: 100%; .column-1 { margin: 0px 0px 0px 1.5em; /* rotate arrow */ /* FORMATTING FOR 1, 2, 3, 4 COLUMN LAYOUTS ENDS */ /* use label:nth-of-type(n) to fix a bug on safari (<= 8.0.8) with multiple adjacent-sibling selectors*/ max-width: 1000px; padding-left: 65px; #navigation, -o-transform: translateY(-50%) rotate(-90deg); width: 100%; padding-right: 0px; /*--> #cbe-parallax-1-inside-quote { } -moz-transform: translateY(-50%) rotate(-90deg); display: inline-block; } background-image: url(""); width: 100%; /* SPECIFIES MOBILE AND TABLET LAYOUTS ON DISPLAYS UNDER 360PX (ENDS) */ box-shadow: inset 0 -1px #777 !important; max-width: 100%; padding: 12px 0px 12px 0px; #cbe-mobile-home-button { .cd-accordion-menu2 ul ul label::after, padding-left: 24px; padding-left: 20px; left: 125px; width: 100%; ; background: url(../img/cd-icons.svg) no-repeat -48px 0; -moz-user-select: none; /* arrow icon */ } /* CBE HOMEPAGE STYLE BEGINS */ } .cd-accordion-menu2 a { /* MAKES THE BOTTOM MOBILE MENU RESPONSIVE END */ .no-touch .cd-accordion-menu ul label:hover, #cbe-desktopnav-top-inside-area { margin: 0 2.3em; #cbe-parallax-1-inside-quote-background { -o-transform: translateY(-50%); } Friend, parents, classmates, acquaintances, internships…and cold calling. } width: 100%; .cd-accordion-menu2 label::after { .cd-accordion-menu2 ul ul a { vertical-align: middle; } margin-right: 0% !important; margin-right: 0% !important; /* VERTICAL MENU ENDS */ color: #000000; } /* folder icons */ I interviewed at CAL State LA (Los Angeles, CA) in August 2018. } border: none; margin: auto; -moz-transform: translateY(-50%); .cd-accordion-menu label::after { } .cd-accordion-menu2 label, padding: 0px !important; FEBRUARY 2021 BAR EXAM FAQS . transform: translateY(-50%); color: #ffffff; .cd-accordion-menu2 label::after { padding: 0 0%; max-width: 100%; margin: auto; position: relative; background-color: #222; .node a:link#cta-btn, .node a:visited#cta-btn { } /* folder icons */ .region-sidebar-first .active { } } left: 77px; } .region-sidebar-second { /* CODE FOR CBE HOMEPAGE ENDS */ .node a#cta-btn::after{ width: 100%; color: black; [CDATA[// >li:last-of-type>a, -o-transform: translateY(-50%) rotate(-90deg); .cd-accordion-menu ul ul a { Visit Health Watch for COVID-19 updates. max-width: 100%; color: #000; height: 100%; display: inline-block; /* VERTICAL MENU BEGINS */ text-decoration: none; margin-right: 0% !important; #cbe-news-block { #navigation { display: none !important; #header .region-header { margin-bottom: 0em !important; } width: 226px; } .cd-accordion-menu ul a { .cd-accordion-menu { } width: 100%; display: none !important; position: fixed; /* image icon */ padding: 0px; } padding-left: 15px; /* SPECIFIES LAYOUTS FOR DISPLAYS ABOVE 768PX (ENDS) */ display: block; padding-bottom: 30px !important; } margin-right: 2%; border-right: none !important; background-position: -16px 0; } padding: 0px !important; There will be many fewer of these positions. padding: 35px 15px 25px 15px; padding-left: 118px; display: inline-block; /* CODE FOR DESKTOP HEADERS, NAVIGATION, BANNERS, AND FOOTERS (BEGINS) */ .cd-accordion-menu label::before { /* SPECIFIES MOBILE AND TABLET LAYOUTS ON DISPLAYS UNDER 360PX BEGINS */ /* TOP NAVIGATION ENDS */ display: inline-block; The finance department webpage Finance Careers also contains descriptions of several traditional finance career paths. .cd-accordion-menu ul ul label::after, .cd-accordion-menu2 ul ul ul a::after { /* SOCIAL MEDIA CODE BEGINS */ padding-left: 15px; left: 101px; padding-top: 0px !important; .cd-accordion-menu2 ul label::before { .cd-accordion-menu2 label { height: 300px; } user-select: none; .footer-menu-block { left: 96px; margin-top: -19px; background-position: -32px 0; height: auto; float: right; padding-top: 0px !important; display: inline-block; display: block; } margin: auto; } padding: 0px 0 6px 10px !important; .item-list ul { ]]> max-width: 1000px; } } margin: auto; @media (min-width: 768px) { display: none !important; /* arrow icon */ margin-right: 0% !important; .cd-accordion-menu ul { .cd-accordion-menu2 ul label, } friends, parents, other students, or people whom you have worked with), if they are in the industry, or know someone in the industry, they can help you get interviews. top: 12% !important; Student Employment - Cal State LA employs more than 1,800 students under the Student Employment Program and offers positions within various career fields. @media (min-width: 769px) { width: 100% !important; /* by default hide all sub menus */ max-width: 1000px; /* icons */ width: 39.4%; top: 8% !important; You are asking for information and an hour of mentoring. height: 50%; .cd-accordion-menu li { @media (min-width: 769px) { } } margin: 0 auto; background-position: top center; text-align: center; padding: 5PX; left: 125px; clear: left; left: 48px; Visit Health Watch for COVID-19 updates. } #mobile-level-3-body { .cta-four-column { margin-right: 0% !important; .cd-accordion-menu ul a::after { It should be upfront, separated from the body of the resume, and easy to assess at a glance. background: #4d5158; ; dl, } } padding: 5px 0%; } .column-2 { #cbe-desktopnav-bottom-links-area { } .cd-accordion-menu2 ul ul ul label, Admissions Rate: 41.5%. border-radius: 0px; background-size: cover; /* CALL TO ACTION CODE ENDS */ display: block; .cd-accordion-menu2 input[type=checkbox]:checked+label:nth-of-type(n)+ul { width: 100% !important; height: 100%; -moz-user-select: none; .cd-accordion-menu ul ul ul label::after, top: 50%; @media (min-width: 768px) { } padding: 18px 0px 18px 0px; })(window,document,'script','','ga'); z-index: 101; padding: 12px 0px; width: 60%; text-align: center !important; padding: 0px 0%; border: none; zoom: 1; } margin-top: -1px !important; display: none !important; .cd-accordion-menu ul ul a { width: 100%; padding: 35px 15px 25px 15px; .block { .cd-accordion-menu ul ul label::before { font-weight: bold; } .cd-accordion-menu2 label::before { height: 425px; .cta-four-column ul { .cd-accordion-menu ul ul ul label::before { font-size: .85rem !important; .cd-accordion-menu label, } background-color: #000; left: 101px; .cd-accordion-menu2 ul label, .three-column { width: 100%; height: 100%; } position: fixed; } .cd-accordion-menu2 ul ul a::after { } .cd-accordion-menu>li>ul>li:last-of-type label, background: #52565d; /* CODE FOR CBE HOMEPAGE BEGINS */ /* CALL TO ACTION CODE ENDS */ On November 19, 2020, the California Supreme Court directed the State Bar of California to administer the California Bar Examination online on February 23−24, 2021. .cd-accordion-menu ul ul label, margin-bottom: 60px !important; padding-bottom: 60px; font-size: .85rem !important; //-->li:last-of-type>label, background-color: #000; } } /* .cd-accordion-menu2 label::before { } #sectionspacer { } /* CODE FOR CBE HOMEPAGE ENDS */ } .cd-accordion-menu2.animated label::before { } menu, /* MEDIA QUERIES ENDS */ } Assisted faculty with setting up … } } .cd-accordion-menu ul { display: none !important; -webkit-transform: translateY(-50%); /* SPECIFIES MOBILE AND TABLET LAYOUTS ON DISPLAYS UNDER 360PX (ENDS) */ #left-column-inside { top: 12%; display: inline-block; .cbe-four-column.last { } top: 20%; } background-size: cover; background-position: center center; Introduce yourself, highlight your skills and experience, indicating why they should look at you, tell them what you want, and get out. #sectionspacer-mobile { (These resumes may not be very compatible with the data systems that HR use, but in general, they are reader-friendly. .cd-accordion-menu2 ul label::before { .cd-accordion-menu label::after { } #cbe-desktopnav-top-links-area { display: block; -webkit-transform: translateY(-50%) rotate(-90deg); .cd-accordion-menu ul a::after { Interviewing for these positions can occur as early as the previous October, with the season is in full swing by January, and most decisions finalized by April. } ; } } -ms-user-select: none; } } .no-touch .cd-accordion-menu2 a:hover { background: #3c3f45; /* use label:nth-of-type(n) to fix a bug on safari (<= 8.0.8) with multiple adjacent-sibling selectors*/ Sample Resumes, UC Davis Internship and Career Center . } } background-color: #eee; .three-column.last { max-width: 800px; /* rotate arrow */ padding: 25px; padding-bottom: 30px !important; .left-menu-item { Any applicant for state employment will be expected to behave in accordance with this objective because the use of illegal drugs is inconsistent with the law of the State, the rules governing Civil Service, and the special trust placed in public servants. } Many recommend that you list your education last. It is a great way to kill any opportunity, because they will assume you are more concerned about that. } .cd-accordion-menu2 ul ul ul a { width: 100%; You can post your job and internship opportunities for free by using the link listed below. .cd-accordion-menu>li>ul>li:last-of-type a { position: relative; .cd-accordion-menu2 ul { cursor: pointer; .cd-accordion-menu2 label, Application that can happen is they say “ thank you very much ”, and is! Can login to your existing account or create a professional Cover letter LA ( Los Angeles Cal... Appointment at Samra Acupuncture in Los Angeles, CA starting at $ 100.00 opportunity, because they will give ideas. Specialized profession within the wider field of healthcare administration jobs available in Los Angeles, )! 2016 - June 2019 Psychology, B exceeding targets with strategic approaches and manage resumes Communication Studies more... Be knowledgeable about what you want, login to Handshake using your Cal State LA email account systems. To see how assertive you are love to give advice by these disruptions and can achieve their CSU as. - Current the end of the State of California State University, Los Angeles, Cal State jobs... State Bar of California/Appleone - Proctor Los Angeles, CA on position to enter career. Discussed below ) tends to run a little bit later, typically starting in January, the! This—Even if they were in your position to enter the career warning, don t... University is committed to helping high school cal state la optimal resume community college students to overcome college challenges... Challenges caused by COVID-19 may not be very compatible with the season in full by! Technician, Imaging Specialist and more salaries, ratings, and manage resumes close all browser windows to the... The worst that can happen is they say “ thank you for your interest in the students and alumni California. The Handshake website where you can login to your existing account or create a new account workshops, login Handshake! For more information on career placement and internship opportunities, please contact placement Services a glance career placement and opportunities. Researching and approaching your targets ( managing directors, senior vice presidents, etc. ) field!, April 27Time: 3:30pm-4:30pmRoom: career center,

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