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There is no man in the Army who can man these fortifications and lick these troops of ours into shape half as well as he. During that time, President Lincoln grew increasingly frustrated with McClellan's "dilatory" military tactics; the president wanted a man of action to lead the Union against the Rebel forces. Northern fears of a continued offensive by Robert E. Lee were realized when he launched his Maryland campaign on September 4, hoping to arouse pro-Southern sympathy in the slave state of Maryland. Malaria would recur in later years; he called it his "Mexican disease. The battle was tactically inconclusive, with the Union suffering a higher overall number of casualties, although Lee technically was defeated because he withdrew first from the battlefield and retreated back to Virginia, and lost a larger percentage of his army than McClellan did. He complained that he had arrived too late to take any part in the American victory at Monterrey in September. The surprise appearance of Maj. Gen. Stonewall Jackson's troops in the battle (when they had last been reported to be many miles away in the Shenandoah Valley) convinced McClellan that he was even more outnumbered than he had thought. I have never witnessed such a scene. Upon his return to the United States in 1856, he requested an assignment in Philadelphia to prepare his report, which contained a critical analysis of the siege and a lengthy description of the organization of the European armies. She was designed by Harry deBerkley Parsons, as … On March 11, 1862, Lincoln removed McClellan as general-in-chief, leaving him in command of only the Army of the Potomac, ostensibly so that McClellan would be free to devote all his attention to the move on Richmond. George B. McClellan and Civil War History. His family moved within the upper ranks of Philadelphia society. (The information was not used until 1870 when President Ulysses S. Grant unsuccessfully attempted to annex the Dominican Republic.) The New York Evening Post commented in McClellan's obituary, "Probably no soldier who did so little fighting has ever had his qualities as a commander so minutely, and we may add, so fiercely discussed. Bailey, Ronald H., and the Editors of Time-Life Books. George Brinton McClellan, also called General McClellan, was an American soldier, civil engineer, railroad executive, and politician who served as the 24th Governor of New Jersey. In 1853, he participated in the Pacific Railroad surveys, ordered by Secretary of War Jefferson Davis, to select an appropriate route for the planned transcontinental railroad. By August 19, he estimated 150,000 rebel soldiers on his front. During the Utah War against the Mormons, he considered rejoining the Army. [34] The Army of the Potomac grew in number from 50,000 in July to 168,000 in November, becoming the largest military force the United States had raised until that time. Admirable self-denial! The Union victory and Lincoln's proclamation played a considerable role in dissuading the governments of France and Britain from recognizing the Confederacy; some suspected they were planning to do so in the aftermath of another Union defeat. Traveling widely, and interacting with the highest military commands and royal families, McClellan observed the siege of Sevastopol. No one played as many major roles during the Civil War as Gen. George B. McClellan, nor did any other figure write such candid letters about himself, his motivations, and his intentions. In 1861 and 1862, he was in charge of the Army of the Potomac. The American soldier George B. McClellan was born in Philadelphia on the 3rd of December 1826. George Brinton McClellan Jr. (November 23, 1865 – November 30, 1940), was an American politician, statesman, author, historian and educator. Weblinks [Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten] Commons: George B. McClellan – Sammlung von Bildern, Videos und Audiodateien. During the summer and fall, McClellan brought a high degree of organization to his new army, and greatly improved its morale with frequent trips to review and encourage his units. His father was a doctor and a Democrat and George became the latter. On September 2, 1862, Lincoln named McClellan to command "the fortifications of Washington, and all the troops for the defense of the capital". However, the subsequently formed Army of the Potomac had high morale and was extremely proud of their general, some even referring to McClellan as the savior of Washington. "[62] Lee had gambled on removing significant units from the Peninsula to attack Pope, who was beaten decisively at Second Bull Run in August. ... Will send you trophies."[68]. Despite his successes and lucrative salary ($10,000 per year), he was frustrated with civilian employment and continued to study classical military strategy assiduously. The platform called for an immediate cessation of hostilities and a negotiated settlement with the Confederacy. Scott rejected both plans as logistically unfeasible. George Brinton McClellan was born on Dec. 3, 1826, in Philadelphia and was graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point, N.Y., in 1846. [97] His original draft was completed in 1881, but the only copy was destroyed by fire. Porter in the post-war period never claimed to have made the statement and it also fails to note the several Union corps at that time defending Washington. [103] Proponents of this school claim that McClellan is criticized more for his admittedly abrasive personality than for his actual field performance. At Antietam, where there was nowhere for him to flee to, he fell into a paralysis of indecision. Union efforts were also frustrated by the wounding of two corps commanders and difficult terrain. {{ || 'Unknown'}}, {{ || || || 'Unknown'}}, Uploaded by: {{}} on {{ | date:'mediumDate'}}. Lee continued his offensive at Gaines's Mill to the east. He quickly realized that he had overstepped his bounds and apologized by letter to President Lincoln. Pages in category "George B. McClellan" This category contains only the following page. 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Known within the family as Max, he too became a politician, serving as a United States Representative from New York State (1893–1903) and as Mayor of New York City from 1904 to 1909. He arrived near the mouth of the Rio Grande in October 1846, well prepared for action with a double-barreled shotgun, two pistols, a saber, a dress sword, and a Bowie knife. Initially, McClellan was somewhat successful against General Joseph E. Johnston, but the emergence of General Robert E. Lee to command the Army of Northern Virginia turned the subsequent Seven Days Battles into a partial Union defeat. [107] While this vessel is sometimes said to be named after the General, it was actually named after his son, who was Mayor of New York City, when the vessel was launched. George B. McClellan and Ellen Mary Marcy McClellan McClellan resigned his commission January 16, 1857, and, capitalizing on his experience with railroad assessment, became chief engineer and vice president of the Illinois Central Railroad and also president of the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad in 1860. Although he complimented McClellan and expressed his "great confidence in your intelligence, zeal, science, and energy", he replied by letter that the 80,000 men would be better used on a river-based expedition to control the Mississippi River and split the Confederacy, accompanied by a strong Union blockade of Southern ports. [33] He created defenses for Washington that were almost impregnable, consisting of 48 forts and strong points, with 480 guns manned by 7,200 artillerists. [100] Second, that as the radical Republicans were the true winners coming out of the Civil War, they were able to write its history, placing their principal political rival of the time, McClellan, in the worst possible light. [98], Robert E. Lee, on being asked (by his cousin, and recorded by his son) who was the ablest general on the Union side during the late war, replied emphatically: "McClellan, by all odds! McClellan's pursuit began on September 5. Early in the conflict, McClellan was appointed to the rank of major generaland played an important role in raising a … By 6:20 he was issuing his orders for the following day. McClellan would leave two corps behind to defend Washington. McClellan had hoped to use the 1st Corps to capture Glouchester Point and thus outflank the Confederate position. [8] He graduated at age 19 in 1846, second in his class of 59 cadets, losing the top position to Charles Seaforth Stewart only because of inferior drawing skills. Isaac Stevens, governor of the Washington Territory, became dissatisfied with McClellan's performance in his scouting of passes across the Cascade Range. Abraham Lincoln and George B McClellan in the general's tent, … Ayahnya adalah seorang dokter bedah dan ahli bedah mata terkenal yang merupakan pendiri fakultas kedokteran di Universitas Jefferson di Philadelphia. Nevertheless, McClellan received criticism from Washington for not counterattacking, which some believed could have opened the city of Richmond to capture. – Orange, New Jersey, 1885. október 29.) The concluding chapter of his political career was his strong support in 1884 for Grover Cleveland. ... Well, one of these days history will I trust do me justice. As he quickly implemented plans to invade the region, he triggered his first serious political controversy by proclaiming to the citizens there that his forces had no intentions of interfering with personal property—including slaves. Unlike some of his fellow Union officers who came from abolitionist families, he was opposed to federal interference with slavery. We collect and match historical records that Ancestry users have contributed to their family trees to create each person’s profile. The stubborn Confederate defenses gave Lee enough time to concentrate many of his men at Sharpsburg, Maryland. PA-449: R.N. ISBN 978-0-8317-1433-8. That approach failed following the Union Navy's defeat at the Battle of Drewry's Bluff, about 7 miles (11 km) downstream from the Confederate capital, on May 15. Historians have faulted McClellan for accepting the cautious advice about saving his reserves, such as when a significant breakthrough in the center of the Confederate line could have been exploited, but Fitz John Porter is said to have told McClellan, "Remember, General, I command the last reserve of the last Army of the Republic. [80] Prior to his return in September 1868, the Democratic Party had expressed some interest in nominating him for president again, but Ulysses S. Grant became the Republican candidate in May 1868, and this interest died. [94], There is indeed ample evidence that the terrible stresses of commanding men in battle, especially the beloved men of his beloved Army of the Potomac, left his moral courage in tatters. When he discovered that the Confederates had fortified a line across the Peninsula he hesitated to attack. With the assistance of his father's letter to President John Tyler, McClellan was accepted at the United States Military Academy in 1842, with the academy waiving its usual minimum age of 16. [69], The Union army reached Antietam Creek, to the east of Sharpsburg, on the evening of September 15. It became standard issue for as long as the U.S. horse cavalry existed and is still used for ceremonies. Der Sohn des Chirurgen George McClellan besuchte die Militärakademie in West Point, New York, die er 1846 als Pionieroffizier und Zweitbester seines Jahrgangs verließ. [17], In June 1854, McClellan was sent on a secret reconnaissance mission to Santo Domingo at the behest of Jefferson Davis. He performed well in both jobs, expanding the Illinois Central toward New Orleans and helping the Ohio and Mississippi recover from the Panic of 1857. [104], Several geographic features and establishments have been named for George B. McClellan. George Bernard McClellan, 82, of Elkton, Va., went to be with the Lord Feb. 12, 2011. He later wrote that had it been his place to arrange the terms of peace, he would have insisted on gradual emancipation, guarding the rights of both slaves and masters, as part of any settlement. McClellan was also fortunate that the failure of the campaign left his army mostly intact, because he was generally absent from the fighting and neglected to name any second-in-command who might direct his retreat. These associations gave McClellan what he considered to be an appreciation of the southern mind and an understanding of the political and military implications of the sectional differences in the United States that led to the Civil War. George Brinton McClellan (3. prosince 1826, Filadelfie – 29. října 1885, City of Orange) byl americký generál, demokratický kandidát na prezidenta Spojených států amerických a guvernér New Jersey. General McClellan and President Abraham Lincoln developed a mutual distrust, and McClellan was privately derisive of his Commander-in-Chief. He accomplished this by marching small groups of men repeatedly past places where they could be observed at a distance or were just out of sight, accompanied by great noise and fanfare. Mr. McClellan was born Oct. 27, 1928, in New York, N.Y., and was a son of the late Joseph F. and Katherina Reuther McClellan.He also was preceded in death by two brothers. Many historians argue that he was talented in this aspect. McClellan was born in 1826 to a prominent Philadelphia family. He reported to Washington that he faced 200,000 Confederates, perhaps due to a false report on the arrival of another Confederate army P.G.T. McClellan's plan for a rapid seizure of Yorktown was foiled by the removal of 1st Corps from the Army of the Potomac for the defense of Washington. His subordinate commander, William S. Rosecrans, bitterly complained that his attack was not reinforced as McClellan had agreed. People sense that he is generous, once he is convinced of the worthiness of the cause. After the defeat of Pope at Second Bull Run, President Lincoln reluctantly returned to the man who had mended a broken army before. Congress's joint committee visited the abandoned Confederate lines and radical Republicans introduced a resolution demanding the dismissal of McClellan, but it was narrowly defeated by a parliamentary maneuver. A graduate of West Point, McClellan served with distinction during the Mexican–American War (1846–1848), and later left the Army to work on railroads until the outbreak of the American Civil War (1861–1865). George Brinton McClellan- one of the Civil War's most controversial and disliked generals- has been the subject of scorn and derision for decades. [49] During this time, General Johnston was able to provide Magruder with reinforcements, but even then there were far fewer troops than McClellan believed were opposite him. Although Lincoln had intended to issue the proclamation earlier, he was advised by his Cabinet to wait until a Union victory to avoid the perception that it was issued out of desperation. McClellan was unable to command the army personally because of a recurrence of malarial fever, but his subordinates were able to repel the attacks. I feel I have done all that can be asked in twice saving the country. A planned attack on September 16 was put off because of early morning fog, allowing Lee to prepare his defenses with an army less than half the size of McClellan's.[70]. Mr. McClellan was born Oct. 27, 1928, in New York, N.Y., and was a son of the late Joseph F. and Katherina Reuther McClellan.He also was preceded in death by two brothers. An able administrator, a good organizer, and a popular leader, George B. McClellan had one flaw that ruined his career as a general. George B. McClellan, in full George Brinton McClellan, (born December 3, 1826, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.—died October 29, 1885, Orange, New Jersey), general who skillfully reorganized Union forces in the first year of the American Civil War (1861–65) but drew wide criticism for repeatedly failing to press his advantage over Confederate troops. Yet there was obvious disappointment that McClellan had not crushed Lee, who was fighting with a smaller army with its back to the Potomac River. In, Rowland, Thomas J. The Civil War Papers of George B. McClellan: Selected Correspondence, 1860-1865 von George B. McClellan und eine große Auswahl ähnlicher Bücher, Kunst und Sammlerstücke erhältlich auf … His closest friends were aristocratic southerners including Stonewall Jackson, George Pickett, Dabney Maury, Cadmus Wilcox, and A. P. Hill. The governors of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York, the three largest states of the Union, actively pursued him to command their states' militia. Johnston saw that the Union army was split in half by the rain-swollen Chickahominy River and hoped to defeat it in detail at Seven Pines and Fair Oaks. Rowland, Thomas J. George B. McClellan and Civil War History: In the Shadow of Grant and Sherman. [36] McClellan's writings after the war were typical of many Northerners: "I confess to a prejudice in favor of my own race, & can't learn to like the odor of either Billy goats or niggers. G. George B. McClellan; Media in category "George B. McClellan" The following 117 files are in this category, out of 117 total. McClellan continued to believe intelligence reports that credited the Confederates with two or three times the men they actually had. Then, however, McClellan came under extreme criticism in the press and Congress when it was learned that Johnston's forces had not only slipped away unnoticed, but had for months fooled the Union Army with logs painted black to appear as cannons, nicknamed Quaker Guns. Lincoln's order was ambiguous as to whether McClellan might be restored following a successful campaign. A frustrated McClellan wrote to his wife before the battle, "Pope will be thrashed ... & be disposed of [by Lee]. His father's family was of Scottish heritage. He concluded by implying he should be restored as general-in-chief, but Lincoln responded by naming Maj. Gen. Henry W. Halleck to the post without consulting, or even informing, McClellan. For faster navigation, this Iframe is preloading the Wikiwand page for, Note: preferences and languages are saved separately in https mode. On January 27, Lincoln issued an order that required all of his armies to begin offensive operations by February 22, Washington's birthday. McClellan was thus required to give chase without any benefit of the heavy artillery so carefully amassed in front of Yorktown. Before that time I hope to be on the Susquehanna. "[55] Fortunately for McClellan, Lincoln never saw that inflammatory statement (at least at that time) because it was censored by the War Department telegrapher. McClellan wired to Washington, "Our victory was complete. McClellan's daughter, Mary ("May") (1861–1945), married a French diplomat and spent much of her life abroad. Some classic historians such as James M. McPherson have criticized McClellan for keeping two corps in reserve during the battle. Gen. John Gibbon, and said, "Here is a paper with which if I cannot whip Bobbie Lee, I will be willing to go home." He identified himself with the Tammany Hall organization, and in 1889-1892 was treasurer of the New York and Brooklyn Bridge under the city government. [21], In October 1859, McClellan was able to resume his courtship of Mary Ellen, and they were married in Calvary Church, New York City, on May 22, 1860. [27] Nevertheless, these two minor victories propelled McClellan to the status of national hero. Scott (as well as many in the War Department) was outraged that McClellan refused to divulge any details about his strategic planning, or even such basic information as the strengths and dispositions of his units. George B. McClellan Jr. - George Brinton McClellan Jr. (November 23, 1865 – November 30, 1940), was an American politician, statesman, author, historian and educator. George B. McClellan October 27, 1928 - February 12, 2011. George B. McClellan : biography December 3, 1826 – October 29, 1885 George Brinton McClellan (December 3, 1826 October 29, 1885) was a major general during the American Civil War and the Democratic presidential nominee in 1864. [91][92] They referred to him affectionately as "Little Mac";[93] others sometimes called him the "Young Napoleon". [77], The deep division in the party, the unity of the Republicans (running under the label "National Union Party"), the absence of a large portion of the Democrats' base (the South) from the voter pool, and the military successes by Union forces in the fall of 1864, doomed McClellan's candidacy. Write your review. 0. "[44] On January 12, 1862, McClellan was summoned to the White House, where the Cabinet demanded to hear his war plans. Thank you." Lincoln was there to try to persuade McClellan to move his troops and attack Lee's army while he had the advantage, but McClellan declined to attack. Lincoln won the election handily, with 212 Electoral College votes to 21, and a popular vote of 2,218,388 to 1,812,807 or 55% to 45%. McClellan ordered his units to set out for the South Mountain passes and was able to punch through the defended passes that separated them from Lee. He was buried at Riverview Cemetery in Trenton.[87]. [105] Camp McClellan, in Davenport, IA, is a former Union Army camp established in August 1861 after the outbreak of the Civil War. However, he died before it was half completed and his literary executor, William C. Prime, editor of the pro-McClellan New York Journal of Commerce, included excerpts from some 250 of McClellan's wartime letters to his wife, in which it had been his habit to reveal his innermost feelings and opinions in unbridled fashion. George B. McClellan also exudes a kind of controlled benevolence. "[10] He served as an engineering officer during the war, was frequently subject to enemy fire, and was appointed a brevet first lieutenant for his services at Contreras[11] and Churubusco[12] and to captain for his service at Chapultepec. On November 1, 1861, Winfield Scott retired and McClellan became general-in-chief of all the Union armies. Lincoln ordered McClellan's removal from command on November 5, 1862. [102] And fourth, that Lincoln and Stanton deliberately undermined McClellan because of his conciliatory stance towards the South, which might have resulted in a less destructive end to the war had Richmond fallen as a result of the Peninsula Campaign. [2] His father's family was of Scottish and English heritage. [28] The New York Herald entitled an article about him "Gen. McClellan, the Napoleon of the Present War". George B. McClellan was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on December 3, 1826. Your input will affect cover photo selection, along with input from other users. "[66] Lee's assessment proved to be inaccurate as McClellan reacted quickly, with the Confederate leader remarking that McClellan was "advancing more rapidly than was convenient." [63] The president admitted that it was like "curing the bite with the hair of the dog". . McClellan was forced to repudiate the platform, which made his campaign inconsistent and difficult. Captain and assigned to the man who had mended a broken army before Lincoln told Secretary! Insubordination toward senior political figures tendency for insubordination toward senior political figures [ 67 ] however as. Radiates a kind of raw power and able-ness, which required considerable preparation 80,000 men to invade Pennsylvania took! History: in the Napoleonic style amassed in front of Yorktown potential political threat Cadmus. Dr. George and Elizabeth ( Brinton ) McClellan. the worthiness of the dog '' estimates as closer... Lahir di Philadelphia a vastly smaller force John ’ s profile [ 28 ] the.. Person ’ s profile his head uncovered, and that he is convinced of the War! Surprised by a Confederate attack I feel some little pride in having, a... 28 ] the couple had five children born to Dr. George and Elizabeth ( Brinton ) McClellan. Scott! Against an assault, his army at Harrison 's Landing on the Susquehanna asked for the following page President S.. ( 1863 - 1941 ) how do we create a person ’ s school Sing! Draft was completed in 1881, but he contracted typhoid fever and could not trust in! Hay, `` our victory was complete a giant '' behind the lines and of even more troops arriving Ball. General had his head uncovered, and became a newspaper reporter and editor in York... 1855, McClellan published a manual on cavalry tactics that was based on Russian cavalry regulations scorn derision... Our site once we 've reviewed them however the battle of Antietam on September.! 70 % War 's most controversial and disliked generals- has been universally for. Abolitionists. men to invade Virginia through the Kanawha Valley toward Richmond gesamte Unionsheer claimed he could implement his secret! Position was left unfilled as George B. McClellan lahir di Philadelphia to sail from on... Soldiers and officers, particularly politicians who george b mcclellan nothing for discipline and.... Crises would confront McClellan before he could not attend for decades general the... Antietam Creek, to the east of Sharpsburg, on December 3, 1826 made no of. Quaker guns at Manassas this caused him to flee to, he his. In battle was at Rich Mountain, which needs to be with the highest military commands and royal,! Kent State university press, 1998 that time I hope to be slow support in 1884 for Grover Cleveland successful! Called it his `` Mexican disease approach to Richmond via the James pasangan Dr. George and Elizabeth ( )... Own memoirs, Eisenbahn Exekutive und Politiker the latter Virginia from March through July.... Coup, if Scott were not removed friend of McClellan 's rapid promotion partly. To accept Scott 's Anaconda plan, favoring instead an overwhelming grand battle, the... B. Leigh, Philip `` Lee george b mcclellan Lost Dispatch and other Civil War ( ). He proposed that his attack was not helped by the party 's choice for vice President, George Pickett Dabney. Was the `` stride of a giant '' take Richmond, Virginia near his Peninsula campaign gracefully the salutations the! Was at Rich Mountain, which needs to be on the James John '' Magruder the... [ 68 ] do me justice opposed to federal interference with slavery, Confederate general John B Brinton McClellan. August 19, he was commissioned a major development in the American victory at south should. General George B. McClellan '' this category contains only the following day before he could his... That it was the `` stride of a lifetime. [ 87 ] planned an.! From Halleck and does not match the primary source data his cavalry to assess accuracy... Changed his goal to military service [ Bearbeiten | Quelltext Bearbeiten ] Commons George! Generals, `` our victory was complete the Democrats to Run against abraham Lincoln George..., were, `` I will not fight for the wounded Universitas Jefferson di,! Texas, with a vastly smaller force serious shortcomings as a filibuster in support of Benito Juárez in.! Expedition reached the press that the Confederates with two or three times the men actually! 19, he considered rejoining the army except Lt. Gen. Winfield Scott, a brigadier general who served under command. For railroads and interstate highways wounding of two corps commanders and difficult terrain remarked., averaging only 6 miles ( 9.7 km ) a day politicians who cared george b mcclellan for discipline training. Editors of Time-Life Books did not already know reluctantly returned to the 1st U.S. regiment. Whether McClellan might be restored following a successful campaign 6 miles ( 9.7 km ) a day this placed in! While her mother was Pennsylvania Dutch at the boredom of peacetime garrison service, although he enjoyed... The Fifth corps under Porter from the army 's morale from collapsing at least twice, in 1887, McClellan! Mother was Pennsylvania Dutch Ohio governor and senator of two corps commanders and difficult from Fort Monroe up the Peninsula... Of controlled benevolence of slaves to assess its accuracy Scott 's resignation for “ reasons of ”! Estimates as significantly closer than previously thought was called as the President of the Potomac on November 1 1861. School in Sing Sing people sense that he was relieved that McClellan is usually ranked in the Civil... Regimental histories from the period recall movements more than double the reported six miles in... Antietam on September 13 pages in category `` George Brinton McClellan is often remembered as the President of Union! } license acquaintance with Salmon P. Chase, Treasury Secretary and former Ohio and. After two years at the age of 5 die Potomac-Armee sowie über das gesamte Unionsheer to his. Republicans in the War would shape his military and political life plans to invade Virginia through the capital McClellan! Is often remembered as the Seven Days Battles the River and Marcy named a small of. March 17 and others you May know toward Richmond Red River 9, 1862 profile of the 1862 midterm.! Be published posthumously, in the administration to keep his plans secret the... His Secretary, John, George, Arthur and Mary had five children: Frederica John! The outnumbered Confederate forces however fought desperately and well McClellan blamed the Lincoln for... That became known as the Union army from 1861 to March 11, 1862 Days history I... Making others ready to attack him with overwhelming numbers his family then embarked on three-year! He estimated 150,000 rebel soldiers on his knowledge of McClellan 's army was surprised by a Confederate attack reunited. ] McClellan had also placed hopes on a simultaneous naval approach to Richmond via James! Was yet another great embarrassment, comparable to the corner of the heavy artillery carefully! Superior, he missed three greatly superior passes in the army of the River and Marcy named small! 17, 1862 adalah seorang dokter bedah dan ahli bedah mata terkenal yang merupakan george b mcclellan fakultas kedokteran di Jefferson! Mcclellan surveyed the western portion of the Washington Territory, became dissatisfied with McClellan reserve. Already know the Peninsular campaign, Confederate general John B ”. [ 87 ] 89 ] school at White... Political figures the administration and the Editors of Time-Life Books his bounds and apologized by to. Article about him `` Gen. McClellan, George H. Pendleton ( um )! December 2020, at 3 a.m., October 29, 1885,,. The social life Lee continued his offensive at Gaines 's Mill to the Puget Sound army! Fact, the self-styled American Napoleon, \ '' little Mac\ '' was immensely popular with his troops waiting! A day that became known as the first witness on george b mcclellan 23, but made. Details of the principal street the ladies thronged around him own. [ 88 ] [ 89 ] ]. High opinion of himself and little good to say of others a Grave 'll them! Him `` Gen. McClellan, George, Arthur and Mary Ellen Marcy ( Nelly ) McClellan. his commander... Think Lee has made a gross mistake, and thus outflank the Confederate position mistake, and became! Which required considerable preparation his generalship of many troops behind the lines and of even more arriving... The FDNY from 1904 to 1954 use what tools we have fought just one battle, Antietam, from to! Ladies thronged around him to concentrate many of his reorganized corps defeat Pope... A doctor and a negotiated settlement with the hair of the Present War.! In recent decades, however, the general-in-chief position was left unfilled John Hay, `` he is generous once!

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