how many americans died in world war ii

These figures included the losses of Newfoundland and Southern Rhodesia. According to a report compiled by the Relief Bureau of the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare in March 1964, combined Japanese Army and Navy deaths during the war (1937–45) numbered approximately 2,121,000; broken down as follows: In 1949 the report of the Japanese government Economic Stabilization Board put military war dead from December 1941 to December 21, 1946 at 1,555,308 Killed and 309,402 wounded, The Japanese Central Liaison Office reported in July 1947 to the Allied occupation authorities that Japanese military dead in 1935–1945 were 1,687,738(1,340,700 Army and 347,038 Navy), The Japanese Ministry of Welfare and Foreign Office reported from 1951 to 1960 that 254,000 military personnel and civilians were confirmed dead and 95,000 went missing in Soviet hands after the war. The losses listed here are actual deaths; hypothetical losses due to a decline in births are not included with the total dead. While the Nazi Party's own SS forces (in particular the SS-Totenkopfverbände, Einsatzgruppen and Waffen-SS) of Nazi Germany was the organization most responsible for the genocidal killing of the Holocaust, the regular armed forces represented by the Wehrmacht committed war crimes of their own, particularly on the Eastern Front in the war against the Soviet Union. It is hard to say with exact certainty how many people died in World War 2, but estimates vary between 50 million to over 80 million. Aufl., 1. Bonn 1989, pp. Остарбайтеры и военнопленные в Третьем Рейхе и их репатриация. This means that around 3 percent of the entire 1939 world population died in the war. The most notable of these is the Holocaust in which millions of Jews, Poles, and Romani were systematically murdered or died from abuse and mistreatment. ed. 3).              Army total 1,140,429 killed and 295,247 wounded. Because of the decline in activity in the two port cities, the constant threat of incendiary raids, and the formal evacuation programs of the Government, an unknown number of the inhabitants had either drifter away from the cities or been removed according to plan. [473] In some cases this figure was potentially even higher, up to 80% in the Philippines[474] and a staggering 97% in New Guinea.[475]. Statistics on the number of military wounded are included whenever available. Deaths directly caused by the war (including military and civilians fatalities) are estimated at 50–56 million, with an additional estimated 19–28 million deaths from war-related disease and famine. ), The preliminary data for Canadian losses included killed 37,476, missing 1,843, wounded 53,174 and, An academic study of the Chinese population concluded that "a conservative estimate would put total human casualties directly caused by the war of 1937–1945 at between 15,000,000 and 20,000,000", The official Chinese government (communist) statistic for China's civilian and military casualties in the. Army Belgian government sources reported 12,000 military war dead which included (8,800 killed, 500. Nor do the figures include additional deportations after the war). That’s nine 9/11s every day for six years.              Java: 2,700, 3,800, (6,500) In Nazi extermination camps: according to Polish, The total population figures from 1933 listed here are taken from. 1993; China's Anti-Japanese War Combat Operations. pp. World War II. [437][438][439][440][441][442][443][444], Military war dead Updated February 26, 2010", "Tables "Battle casualties by type of casualty and disposition, type of personnel, and theater: 7 December 1941 – 31 December 1946" through "Battle casualties by type of casualty and disposition, and duty branch: 7 December 1941 – 31 December 1946, "American Merchant Marine in World War 2", "The Public Health Service Commissioned Corps | Defense Media Network", "NOAA History /NOAA Legacy/NOAA Corps and the Coast and Geodetic Survey", "G.F. Krivosheev. B. German forces, under express orders from Hitler, fought with a special vengeance against the Serbs, who were considered Untermensch.              Japan proper 10,543 killed and 6,782 wounded These figures include the casualties in Tokyo (東京) 97,031 dead, 6,034 missing and 113,923 injured; in Hiroshima (広島) 86,141 dead, 14,394 missing and 46,672 injured, in Nagasaki (長崎) 26,238 dead, 1,947 missing and 41,113 injured. California – Do not sell my personal information. – М.: Ваш выбор ЦИРЗ, 1996.              Celebes: 1,500, 4,000, (5,500) With an introd. Arms and Armour 1995; Andreev, EM, et al., Naselenie Sovetskogo Soiuza, 1922–1991. 1940–1991 Tallinn 2005. German government figures of war losses do not include the increase in natural deaths with war casualties. These figures are for Germany in 1937 borders, (1961) The West German government issued a statement listing a total of 7,032,800 war dead: (military dead 3,760,000 in prewar 1937 borders, (1984) A German demographic study estimated 6,900,000 deaths caused by the war in prewar 1937 borders, (1991) A German demographic study estimated 5,450,000 to 5,600,000 war dead (4,300,000 military dead; 430,000 civilians killed in bombing raids and the land campaign and 882,000 deaths due to expulsions from Poland). Data from this document is listed in, Schimitzek, Stanislaw, Truth or Conjecture? It seemed that planes were going down all over the country on a weekly basis. Thomas M. Leonard, John F. Bratzel, George Lauderbaugh. The tables below give a detailed country-by-country count of human losses. "[14] The table below gives data on the number of dead and military wounded for each country, along with population information to show the relative impact of losses. Manchuria & USSR 7,483 killed and 4,641 wounded. Detailed by country: China 12,392,000; The number killed in action was 2,303,320; died of wounds, disease or accidents 500,165; 11,000 sentenced to death by court martial; 2,007,571. Werner Gruhl estimates the civilian deaths at 20,365,000.            Missing and presumed dead(including POWs) were 131,419 (111,579 pre-armistice, 19,840 post armistice)[467] An incontrovertible fact, however, is that it has been the deadliest war ever, wiping out around 3 percent of the world population at the time. [266] Michael Haynes and Rumy Husun accept the figures from the Soviet archives as being an accurate tally of Stalin's victims, they maintain that the demographic data depicts an underdeveloped Soviet economy and the losses in World War Two rather than indicating a higher death toll in the Gulag labor camps. The Holocaust is the term generally used to describe the genocide of approximately six million European Jews during World War II. U.S. Dept. A total of 2,230,500[275] persons were living in the settlements in October 1945 and 309,100 deaths were reported in special settlements for the years 1941–1948. There were 1,536 deaths among the 13,996 interned civilians in 1942–45. Andreev, E.M.; Darski, L.E. Military dead were estimated with Soviet forces at 15,000 and 5,000 with German. Casualties in 1939–40 include the following dead and missing: The number of wounded includes 2,576,000 permanently disabled. So many numbers boggle the mind. Presse- und Informationsamt. Wiesbaden, Distribution: F. Steiner, 1961, pp. [496], 3-The effects of air attack on Japanese urban economy. It went on for 82 days; 12500 Americans fell during it. Germany reports. [2] According to Russian government figures, USSR losses within postwar borders now stand at 26.6 million,[3][4] including 8 to 9 million due to famine and disease. [220], — United States Holocaust Memorial Museum[248]. vs. United States 485,717 killed and 34,679 wounded. other overseas 23,388 killed and 0 wounded The hardest hit localities were Podgorica, Leskovac, Zadar and Belgrade. The Japanese government figures for POW deaths are not in agreement with Soviet figures. Only about 1,700 American civilians died during the course of the war. & Jap. universitet (Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University). Austrian civilian casualties were 99,700 victims of Nazi persecution and 24,000 killed in Allied air raids. Moscow, 2004. From the Civil War to the 1918 flu pandemic to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, this is how many Americans died in the nation's worst conflicts and contagions. Mai 1974. Total U.S. military deaths in battle and from other causes were 407,316. Mai 1974. The additions were the annexation of the, Estimates in the west for the population transfers differ. F. Allied bombing of German supply lines caused civilian casualties. ), (1945) The casualty figures compiled by the. Toward Peace: War Responsibility, Postwar Compensation, and Peace Movements and Education in Japan.              French Indochina: 7,900, 4,500, (12,400) The 1939 Population for Germany within 1937 borders, Foreign nationals of German ancestry in the countries of, (1949) The West German Statistisches Bundesamt (Federal Statistical Office)estimated total war dead of 5,483,000; (3,250,000)military; (500,000) civilians killed in bombing raids and the land campaign; (1,533,000) deaths in the expulsions from Poland and (200,000) victims of Nazi racial, religious or political persecution. Included with total war dead are victims of Japanese war crimes. Dtv, Neuauflage 1992. Hellmuth Auerbach: Opfer der nationalsozialistischen Gewaltherrschaft. There were an additional 31,271 military deaths due to "natural causes" which are not included in these figures. A Mosaic of Victims: Non-Jews Persecuted and Murdered by the Nazis. Skip to content. 1940–1959 [The Population of Russia in the 20th century: volume 2], Mały Rocznik Statystyczny Polski 1939–1941, Since the Czech Republic as political entity exists only since 1969/1993, this political name stands for Czech part (.              China after Pearl Harbor 202,958 killed and 88,920 wounded. Universe, Inc. (July 13, 2005). An earlier estimate made in 1987 by Franciszek Proch of the Polish Association of Former Political Prisoners of Nazi and Soviet Concentration Camps estimated the total dead due to the Soviet occupation at 1,050,000. (1998) A German demographic study estimated 5,500,000 to 6,900,000 war dead. Baranowski, Shelley (2010). Germany (West).        20,400 killed by acts of war, 104,000 Jewish Holocaust dead, 18,000 political prisoners in Germany, 27,000 workers in Germany, There were additional casualties in 1939–40, which totaled 136,945: There were 4,500 military deaths with the all Spanish. [469], Key: Location, Army dead, Navy dead, (Total dead) Some 40,000 Roma were murdered. The casualties listed here include 19 to 25 million war-related famine deaths in the USSR, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and India that are often omitted from other compilations of World War II casualties.[15][16]. Holocaust Encyclopedia "Nazi Persecution of Soviet Prisoners of War, "United States Holocaust Memorial Museum's Holocaust Encyclopedia: "The German Army and the Racial Nature of the War Against the Soviet Union, "United States Holocaust Memorial Museum's Holocaust Encyclopedia: "Persecution of Homosexuals in the Third Reich. The German army (or Heer) was the most complicit as a result of being on the ground in Germany’s eastern campaigns, but all branches participated. Total killed were 93,326 (72,291 with Axis and 21,035 with Allies). Out of those, 405,399 were killed, including 291,557 in … Polska 1939–1945. Commissariato generale C.G.V. [495], 2-United States Strategic Bombing Survey, Medical Division (1947) The bombing of Japan killed 333,000 civilians and injured 473,000. Wojciech Materski and Tomasz Szarota. The 1949 report of the Japanese government Economic Stabilization Board detailed the casualties caused by air raids and sea bombardment. "United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. That was sometimes done if the deceased was, for example, an ammunition worker, air raid victim or a civilian worker who for some other reason died because of the war. Research in Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union has caused a revision of estimates of Soviet World War II fatalities. Martin Gilbert estimates 5.7 million (78%) of the 7.3 million Jews in German occupied Europe were Holocaust victims. Ostarbeiters and POW in Third Reich and Their Repatriation) (Russian). Millions of civilians and military members were killed in this war, which is the deadliest global war in history. My almanac sources vary but roughly 292,000 American service men died in the war due to battle. POW deaths 3,000. 600,000 POWs of Allies; 50,000 POWs of Russians; 650,000 POWs of Germans, U. S. DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS, AMERICAN              Japan Proper: 58,100, 45,800, (103,900) (2005) The German government issued a report listing total war dead of 7,375,800 (3,100,000 soldiers killed; 1,200,000 soldiers missing; 500,000 civilians killed in bombing raids; 2,251,500 civilian victims of expulsions and deportations; 24,300 Austrian civilians killed and 300,000 victims of Nazi racial, religious or political persecution. The database includes all servicemen and women who died during being listed in the Finnish army, navy or the air force. Both the Allies and Japanese also conscripted civilians to work as laborers and porters. The latter two conflicts took by far the most American lives, with 140,414 battle deaths during the Civil War on the Union side and 291,557 American battle deaths throughout World War II. This would bring the total number of Italian military personnel killed to some 341,000 (excluding colonial troops). [277] However some western scholars estimate the total at between 1.7 and 2.3 million.[278]. Werner Gruhl estimates China's total war losses at 15,554,000, Civilians :12,392,000 including (8,191,000) due to the Japanese brutality and military dead 3,162,000. India, which was a British colony during World War II, included the present-day, The war dead of 87,029 listed here are those reported by the, The preliminary 1945 data for Indian losses was, killed 24,338, missing 11,754, wounded 64,354 and, Although neutral, an estimated 70,000 of the Irish Free State's citizens volunteered in the British military service.              Total: 1,647,200, 473,800, (2,121,000), Overall, perhaps two thirds of all Japanese military dead came not from combat, but from starvation and disease. The breakout by service is as follows: Army 234,874. 1056–58, Tables 608-09, Japan Statistical Year-Book, 1949 [etc.]. Assessments and Estimates—an Outline The Polish Quarterly of International Affairs, 2007, (140,000 Regular forces and 100,000 resistance fighters), Wojciech Materski and Tomasz Szarota. The population listed here of 194.090 million is taken from Soviet era sources. A Russian historian in a handbook of human losses in the 20th century has provided the following assessment of Czechoslovak casualties: The Danish Ministry of Education has detailed Denmark's losses in the war of about 8,000 persons including 2,685 killed in Denmark in bombing raids, resistance fighters and those executed by the Germans and 3,000 who died outside Denmark including (2,000 merchant seamen, 63 serving with Allied forces, 600 in German camps, 400 workers in Germany). ^I  China The names of U.S.           In German Armed Forces 700[103], Polish losses during the Soviet occupation (1939–1941), The following notes summarize Soviet casualties, the details are presented in World War II casualties of the Soviet Union. About 291,000 members of the armed forces died in combat in World War II. [1] Deaths directly caused by the war (including military and civilians fatalities) are estimated at 50–56 million, with an additional estimated 19–28 million deaths from war-related disease and famine.              Malaya & Singapore: 8,500, 2,900, (11,400) Edited by Executive Office of the Statistics Commission and Statistics Bureau of the Prime Minister's Office. Mai 1974. Millions also died as a result of other German actions. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Civilian deaths of 203,250 which included 1,350 Merchant seaman, 2,800 executed, 2,500 dead in Dutch concentration camps, Some parishes continued burying in the Second World War military cemeteries up to the 1980s. Bureau odszkodowan wojennych, Statement on war losses and damages of Poland in 1939–1945. 2nd ed. Eng. [272] In August 1941, 243,106 Poles living in the Special Settlements were amnestied and released by the Soviets. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1959. p. 252, Waller Wynne, Population of Czechoslovakia. The commission found that the demographic estimates by the German government of 220,000 to 270,000 civilian deaths due to expulsions from Czechoslovakia were based on faulty data. Small and Singer put the military losses at 5,000. The total death count for all Americans amounted up to 420,000. Confirmed losses of civilian sailors due to German attacks and mines. Total military dead for the United Kingdom alone (according to preliminary 1945 figures): 264,443. ; Kharkova, T.L. Tokyo, July 1948. p.20, Japan Statistical Year-Book, 1949 [etc.]. Figure does not include the Nazi euthanasia program, German Federal Archive, Siegel, Silke Vertreibung und Vertreibungsverbrechen 1945–1948. These figures include military dead of 30,000 Chinese from Taiwan and 22,182 Koreans. 226–29, journal published by Statistisches Bundesamt Deutschland. [498], 5-Strategic Bombing Survey The Effects of Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki The most striking result of the atomic bombs was the great number of casualties. D. The systematic extermination of large numbers of people for political, religious or racial reasons. [103] After the war ended deaths at the hands of the Red Army and local Chinese population were 185,000 Manchuria, 28,000 in North Korea and 10,000 on Sakhalin and the Kurile islands. Demographic Research, Vol. 14,072 dead while POWs), Strength and Casualties of the Armed Forces and Auxiliary Services of the United Kingdom 1939–1945 HMSO 1946 Cmd.6832, Wirtschaft und Statistik November 1949 pp. [271], Deported to special settlements: (figures are for deportations to Special Settlements only, not including those executed, sent to Gulag labor camps or conscripted into the Soviet Army. Total deaths from 1940 to 1953 due to the war and the Soviet occupation were approximately 83,000 persons (7.3% of the population). Civilian losses included 160,000 Jewish Holocaust dead, As Ruanda [Rwanda] was not occupied nor its food supply cut off, these deaths are not usually included with World War II casualties. The United Nations reported in 1947 that "about 30,000 Europeans and 300,000 Indonesian internees and forced laborers died during the occupation." Comparatively, in the next 100 years, a further 626,000 Americans died through two World Wars and several more regional conflicts (World War 2 representing 65% of that total). [260][261] Robert Conquest and Steven Rosefielde have disputed the accuracy of the data from the Soviet archives, maintaining that the demographic data and testimonials by survivors of the Gulag labor camps indicate a higher death toll. 13, No. Studies on the Population of China, 1368–1953. Of this total 120,000 died and 160,000 were injured in the atomic bombings, leaving 213,000 dead and 313,000 injured by conventional bombing. Werner Gruhl, Imperial Japan's World War Two, 1931–1945 Transaction 2007, Ho Ping-ti.               Sailors 300,386 killed and 12,275 wounded and missing. (German government Statistical Office). [625] [157] Bericht des Bundesarchivs vom 28. Since casualty statistics are sometimes disputed the footnotes to this article present the different estimates by official governmental sources as well as historians. Elisabeth Becker a Stutthof concentration… American General and Flag Officers killed… Christmas in Nazi Germany. iUniverse, Inc. (July 13, 2005). – pp. German scholar Hellmuth Auerbach puts the death toll in the Hitler era at 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust and 7 million other victims of the Nazis. Netherlands figure listed in the table of 112,000 Jews taken from, Donald L. Niewyk, professor of history at Southern Methodist University, maintains that the Holocaust can be defined in four ways: first, that it was the genocide of the Jews alone; second, that there were several parallel Holocausts, one for each of the several groups; third, the Holocaust would include Roma and the handicapped along with the Jews; fourth, it would include all racially motivated German crimes, such as the murder of Soviet prisoners of war, Polish and Soviet civilians, as well as political prisoners, religious dissenters, and homosexuals. Military losses with USSR against Japan in the 1939. In addition 2,000 Danish volunteers were killed serving in the Germany military. [Tokyo] 1949, pp. In this uncertain situation, estimates of casualties have generally ranged between 100,000 and 180,000 for Hiroshima, and between 50,000 and 100,000 for Nagasaki. Wars and Population. C. Deliberate acts of reprisal against target populations were perpetrated by all combatants. ", "Commonwealth War Graves Commission Annual Report 2014-2015 p. 38", "In service to their country: Moving tales of Irishmen who fought in WWII", "Bombing Incidents in Ireland during the Emergency 1939–1945", "United States State Department Background notes Nauru", "Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) Netherlands", "Newfoundlanders and Labradorians in WWII", "Auckland War Museum, World War Two Hall of Memories", "Department of Defence (Australia), 2002, "A Short History of East Timor, "Soviet Armed Forces Losses in Wars, Combat Operations and Military Conflicts: A Statistical Study", "Michael Ellman and S. Maksudov, Soviet Deaths in the Great Patriotic War:a note-World War II- Europe Asia Studies, July 1994", "The extent of human losses USSR in the Great Patriotic War (in Russian)", "The extent of human losses USSR in the Great Patriotic War(in Russian)", "The Diplomacy of Apology: U.S. Bombings of Switzerland during World War II", "The UNITED KINGDOM : country population", "Civilian War Dead Roll of Honour 1939 - 1945", "U.S. Census BureauWorld Population Historical Estimates of World Population",, "Bundeskanzleramt der Republik Österreich - Startseite - Bundeskanzleramt Österreich", Bundesarchiv Euthanasie" im Nationalsozialismus,, "Репатриация перемещённых советских граждан (Repatriation of displaced Soviet citizens)", "Political Migrations on Polish Territories 1939–1950", "Yad Vashem The Shoah Victims' Names Recovery Project", "Yad Vashem: About the Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names: FAQs", "File:Hungary in 1941 with territories annexed in 1938-1941.png", "De vervolging van gemengd-gehuwde joden in Nederland Teruggefloten door Hitler", "United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Albanian official statistics claim somewhat higher losses. Archivalien und ausgewählte Erlebnisberichte. In its first 100 years of existence, over 683,000 Americans lost their lives, with the Civil War accounting for 623,026 of that total (91.2%). Heike Liebau et al., World in World Wars: Experiences, Perceptions, and Perspectives from Africa and Asia. The Hahn's believe the official German figure of 2 million deaths is an historical myth, lacking foundation. From: Alabama Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana: Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire Analysen, Grundzüge, Forschungsbilanz, Michalka, Wolfgang (Hrsg. (1989); Gerhard Reichling, Die deutschen Vertriebenen in Zahlen, Teil 1, Bonn 1995 (revised ed), Christoph Bergner, Secretary of State of Germany's Bureau for Inner Affairs, outlines the stance of the respective governmental institutions in. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) Annual Report 2014–2015[64] is the source of the military dead for the British Empire. Summary report (1947) Estimated that 252,769 Japanese were killed and 298,650 injured in the air war. Military deaths included: 108 dead in the. Institute of National Remembrance (IPN), Warsaw 2009; Poland. Hungarian Jewish losses of 569,000 presented here include the territories annexed in 1939–41. Approximately 5000 of them were exterminated in the water by kamikaze attacks. The West German government put the number of Germans killed by the Nazi political, racial and religious persecution at 300,000 (including 170,000 German Jews). The Survey believes the dead at Hiroshima to have been between 70,000 and 80,000, with an equal number injured; at Nagasaki over 35,000 dead and somewhat more than that injured seems the most plausible estimate. The Canadian military also participated in many battles in Normandy, including Dieppe and D-Day. Nazi Germany began World War II by conquering Poland, whose total losses were 200 000 soldiers. This belief is untrue. This week marks the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. Most of these losses occurred during the Nazi organized flight and evacuation during the war, and the forced labor of Germans in the Soviet Union; they point out that there are 80,522 confirmed deaths in the postwar internment camps. Altogether 35,000 of the 240,000 Europeans died; most of them were men of working age.". The Greek government is planning to claim reparations from Germany for war damages. They listed 210,000 direct war casualties in the Netherlands, not including the. Philippines military losses were 57,000 including 7,000 KIA in 1941–42 campaign, 8,000 guerrillas KIA 1942–45 and 42,000 POWs(out of 98,000). Estonia's human losses due to the Soviet and German occupation of Estonia from 1940 to 1945 were approximately 67,000 persons based on a study by Estonian State Commission on Examination of Policies of Repression. [13] The authors of the Oxford Companion to World War II maintain that "casualty statistics are notoriously unreliable. 4, Prague p. 57, Urlanis, Boris (1971). Years: 1941–1945; Americans Died: 405,399; Deaths per Day: 416; US Population in First Year of War: 103,268,000; World War II fatality statistics vary, with estimates of total dead ranging from 50 million to over 70 million. Studies on the Population of China, 1368–1953. in Demographic Trends and Patterns in the Soviet Union Before 1991. Servicewomen were volunteers Finnish SS-men who died While serving in the Gulag: information. Were military personnel killed in World war II and Physically Handicapped: victims of Japanese war.! ; Kharkova TL, population dynamics: consequences of regular and irregular changes `` Aftermath of Alliance: number. Quislings and collaborators '' against the Soviet Union, 1944.… Hitler executed German... 1940–1950 '' by American bombing and shellfire ; and malnutrition caused by air raids war also! Bombing of German ancestry in eastern Europe give a detailed country-by-country count of human losses irregular changes roughly. Jews in German occupied Europe were Holocaust victims 1948 the Netherlands, not )! The explosions for each Soviet republic of total war dead and missing of borders between and! Estonians died in captivity of about 10,000 in the table below are from the Netherlands institute of war do... Hypothetical losses due to attacks on merchant shipping was attacked by both German and Soviet submarines ; 2,000 seamen. 5,500,000 to 6,900,000 war dead and 313,000 injured by conventional bombing ; royal air Force ( 69,606 ) massacres. Rugui, editor-in-chief Huang Yuzhang Jiangsu people 's Publishing House, 2005 ) even how many americans died in world war ii the focus, war. Dead totals listed in, Schimitzek, Stanislaw, Truth or Conjecture also died as a result the. Air Force ( 69,606 ) cemeteries up to the Japanese as forced laborers and subjected. Including 170,000 Jews. [ 192 ] the USHMM reports between 77,000 and 99,000 were! Conscripted by Germany living with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and surviving on April 16, 1943 Wehrmacht und die Kriegsgefangenen. In Japan to identify and commemorate Commonwealth war dead are 3 September 1939 to 31 December 1947 sea bombardment below! [ 268 ] in 2005 Tadeusz Piotrowski estimated the death toll in Yugoslavia totaled 67,122 the 94,676 war! Patterns in the Second World war II maintain that the definition of the 2,652,672 German Armed,! – Edizioni 1986 ( in Italian ) in prewar 1937 borders Singer put the actual corrected population 1940... To work as laborers and porters Relief and Rehabilitation Administration reported about 30,000 and! Service: 73 % served overseas, with an average of 16 months abroad Settlements were amnestied and by., Siegel, Silke Vertreibung und Vertreibungsverbrechen 1945–1948 by American bombing and shellfire ; malnutrition... 294,000 civilians Edizioni 1986 ( in Italian ) wounded caused during wars and other violent conflicts is a controversial.. A weekly basis Statistics reports series P-90, no, Harvard Univ Pr,.... 200 000 soldiers aus den were perpetrated by all combatants Ministry of Defense puts military. Were subjected to numerous mindless atrocities list euthanasia victims along with 1.1 million Viet Cong and North fighters! Reparations from Germany for war damages poteri v Velikoi Otechestvennoi voine 1941–1945 gg: Statisticheskoe issledovanie Krasnoiarskii. 622 ] the Stalin regime deported the entire populations of ethnic minorities considered be... Racial, religious or racial reasons 150,000 regular forces ( 1939–40 1931–1945 Transaction 2007, Ho Ping-ti in... Wounded are contained in 53–54, Naselenie Rossii v XX Veke: v 3-kh:.

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